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When you spend as much time as I do on short layovers, you don’t want to waste days figuring out what to do. Sometimes I make a split-second decision to accompany my husband somewhere. When I went to Warsaw, I had been bumped off a flight to Athens and had about six hours to plan my five-day trip. Needless to say, I love a good travel companion app.

There are plenty of apps around. However, you’ll find the same issues with most of them – a clunky interface, buggy design, no offline ability (even in pro or paid mode!) and a limited number of destinations. Thats the worst thing – when you find a great app, just to find that it has about five destinations… London, Paris, New York, Berlin and Amsterdam. Fine. But what happens when you want to somewhere a little more exotic?

I have the solution. Sygic Travel is a fast, responsive and info-packed app designed by some very cool folks in the Czech Republic. The best part about it? It contains the destinations you actually want to travel to. Baku? Check. Tbilisi? Check. I’m going to Sofia in a few weeks, and this is the first app I have found that provides comprehensive details on Bulgaria. The interface is easy to use, and the app doesn’t crash when you are busily investigating travel options. Sygic know their stuff, with several other successful GPS apps under their belt.

So what does the app do? Put simply, it is the ultimate travel companion. You enter your location, and your trip dates, and it creates a custom guide for you. If you have a hotel booked, you can enter this in straight away, or it will help you find accommodation options. Maps? No problem, and the pro version offers offline versions. Places to visit and car rental options are included, along with tours – some of which are really cost effective. General information on the country and city is derived from Wikivoyage, and it also boasts a handy weather tool. I wasn’t kidding when I said this app covers everything.

You can also easily create multi-city trips. Easily is the key word here. Other apps offer this functionality, but frankly, it is so frustrating to do, no one uses it. It also offers effective solutions to your common travel woes, such as identifying the shortest routes for travel within a city, and travel times. Anyone that has tried to drive 2km down Sheikh Zayed Road on a Friday night (and taken 45 minutes) will understand why this is important. For those of us that prefer a computer interface, you can also view your trip on the big screen at – synced in the cloud. Planning a shared trip is also a breeze, unlike many other similar products.

If you’re looking for a one-stop travel companion, look no further than Sygic Travel. I recommend giving the free version a go, but I guarantee that it won’t be long untilyou upgrade to Pro – and at just $9.99USD for amazing functionality, you’ll see why. If you are really quick, you can grab it $7.99USD as part of an Easter sale. Make the switch to Sygic – you won’t regret it.


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