This page lists partners we have worked with. If you would like to work with us, please visit this page for more information.


Nick and Candyce (Mahina) are the husband and wife team behind 45 Degrees Sailing. The company is named for their love of heeling and sailing hard into the winds of Wellington down in the low latitudes of the southern hemisphere in New Zealand.

45 Degrees Sailing are proud to offer comfortable sailing holidays here in Croatia that are about two things: sailing and Croatia! They want to introduce you to real Croatian experiences, people and gastronomy.

Being passionate about what they do is important, and they have had the incredible luxury of being able to CHOOSE the best places to introduce you to this life of sun, water and amazing cultural experience. They chose Croatia for a reason. Come and try this first hand, live your life through experiences and adventures. Visit 45 Degrees Sailing for more information.


Moon Turtle was created by Anna Birchall as part of a university design assignment, with help from her friend Imogen Holmstead-Scott. Originally designed for young people diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it’s useful for anyone who wants to manage their mental health better. Standard mood charts – regularly handed out to those who are newly diagnosed – are often sterile and clinical looking. Moon Turtle is a user-friendly journal that helps people record important day-to-day information, tracking a variety of factors, such as sleep, mood, daily commitments, goals and medication use. It also helps with noticing patterns that can lead to better or worse days.

The Moon Turtle range is expanding, with the new ‘What Did I Even Do This Year’ journal, and Moon Turtle Junior, aimed at helping children understand and document their feelings. Visit to learn more, or to purchase.


Scamp is an animal-themed concept store, selling fun, intelligent & innovative accessories from around the world, for pets and their people.  Whether it’s promoting awareness of endangered species or showcasing award winning designs its curated collection will spark your imagination.

From pet beds to planters and candles to collar charms, Scamp loves bringing you great designs and new products that look good in your home, please your pets and make life better for everyone.

Scamp is active at the markets and pop ups around town and have an online store with delivery throughout the UAE and the region.

Yislamoo started as a small home based business in Amman by Rasha and has grown into an online business delivering from the heart of Dubai.

Yislamoo celebrates art from beautiful Arabia by collaborating with talented artists and calligraphers to bring you memorable pieces. Yislamoo hope to reach every home and heart in this region and beyond, with its growing collection of wall art, quirky greeting cards, and personalized gift ideas.

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