Gold on 27 at the Burj Al Arab

Gold on 27

When deciding where to have High Tea in Dubai with mum, it really boiled down to two choices – the Burj Al Arab, or the Burj Khalifa. In the battle of the Burjs, it was Khalifa that won. You just can’t beat High Tea at 122 stories. However, mum still wanted to see the famed Burj Al Arab, with its seven star rating and lobby aquarium. Researching my options, I believed a visit to Gold on 27 was the most cost-effective ticket into the Burj Al Arab.

That is a good first point to make. Unlike its Abu Dhabi counterpart, the Emirates Palace, the Burj Al Arab is notopen to all. You must hold a reservation at a restaurant or bar inside the building, or a room booking, to enter. I have also heard that a spa booking might be a cheap way to sneak it – pending the treatment booked, of course!

Gold on 27

Gold on 27 is, unsurprisingly, on the 27th floor. Valet parking outside the hotel was a bit chaotic, but that seems to be par for the course in Dubai. Our Mazda looked a bit sad in a sea of Bentley’s and Ferrari’s. We wandered inside to the rather spectacular atrium, then ascended the escalator leading to the back of the hotel. It was UAE Flag Day, and the hotel was suitably decorated.

After zipping up 27 floors in a glass escalator, we reached Gold on 27. I have to say – if you are going for the view, it is not really worth it. You can book a table at the Skyview Bar and get a much nicer view, but I believe the minimum spend is 350AED – versus 100AED at Gold on 27. Quite a difference. Our view was a bit obscured, sitting in the back of the bar, but we could still see the lights glittering in Downtown Dubai. Besides, before leaving, we just wandered through to the Skyview Bar and grabbed a few pictures. A cheaper option!

Gold on 27

The service and drinks, however, were pretty darn spectacular. Well, the alcoholic ones were. If you are like me and don’t drink, the showmanship is a bit lacking. If you order something alcoholic, though, you are in for a treat. Matt’s first drink, the Museum of the Future, was delivered in a ginormous crescent holder. His next drink, Haj the Camel, was in a rather delightful camel mug. Mum sampled a Kazzan, which was presented in some sort of scientific distilling set-up, which bubbled away for about half an hour. My mocktails, while much less exciting, were both delicious. I enjoyed a Rose of Damascus and a Waters of Liwa.

We were given plenty of time to enjoy the view and setting, which we appreciated, along with copious amounts of tasty seaweed chips and spiced pepper popcorn. Yes, I know both food items are intended to make you thirsty, but in New Zealand, nothing is free. Us Kiwis are always down for free food!

While it is a bit overpriced, a trip to Gold on 27 is a nice bucket list experience to tick off, and the sort of thing you should do once while you are in Dubai. They have a massive drinks list and a great cocktail (and mocktail!) selection, even if their bar snacks are a bit lacking. One piece of advice – take a warm sweater or wrap! It was absolutely freezing inside, and we saw some very inappropriately dresses ladies shivering away. Not a good look.

Gold on 27

Gold on 27

Where: 27th Floor, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Rd

Opening Hours: 6PM to 2AM

Platinum discount? No


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