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One of the best things about moving to a new country (or city) is the opportunity to try lots of new things. Back in Wellington, the best we could have hoped for was a new cafe or restaurant opening, or a new exhibition or show. It was still always good – and we made the most of it – but there is something to be said for being able to explore a whole new world of experiences. And food. We are always exploring new places to eat. One of these is Craft Cafe.

It is quite easy to get stuck in a routine quickly, and to keep going back to places that feel like a safe bet. Exploring new places and trying new things is really fun if it works out. It is very tiring if it doesn’t. Luckily, we’ve had a good run when exploring the different eateries Dubai has to offer, and I keep pushing us to try out different places.

Last week, Sylvia and I went to the Design District. We have already been to the district a few times – Sylvia found a lovely cafe called 1Life, that I will write about in another post – but we decided to try out something different. I had googled Craft Cafe in the hope that they would have something dairy-free for me to eat, and I was in luck! The cafe was a welcome respite from the heat, and had a quite lovely interior – a little bit hipster, but comfy and friendly. The staff were attentive and friendly too – something I always appreciate, and an element thats sometimes lacking in Dubai.

Craft Cafe
Seriously. Look at this. Amazing.

I ordered the House Breakfast, and I was not disappointed! It was a massive of plate of smoked beef sausages, coconut and sweet potato hash cakes, bread, spinach leaves, poached eggs, mushrooms and salad. To drink, I had a delicious acai and strawberry lemonade, which was the perfect blend of sweet and refreshing. The meal was incredibly filling, but unlike a lot of ‘big breakfast’ style dishes, it wasn’t greasy at all. It also had no dairy in it. I was absolutely stoked. Sylvia had a tasty looking quinoa veggie burger with avocado and tzatziki. She also had a root energizer drink of beetroot, carrot, ginger, turmeric and apple. I was too busy wolfing down my food to take a photo of her lunch!

Craft Cafe has a pretty reasonably sized menu, and while it was quite busy, our food was quick to arrive. Our bill came to about 150AED for two mains, two juices and a large bottle of water. Considering the quality of the food, this felt like a good deal. The Design District seems like it has a few interesting eateries. I’m hoping to visit its new ramen shop next. Most people eating at cafes in the Design District seemed to be from neighboring offices, but you should definitely add Craft Cafe to your list of Dubai hidden gems. You won’t be disappointed!

Craft Cafe

Locations: Building 10, Design District Road, Dubai Design District.

Opening hours: Open 7 days, 8am – 6pm (till 4pm during Ramadan).

Cost: Approximately 150AED for two.

Platinum Discount: No.

Tips: They are open during Ramadan, unlike a lot of places in Dubai – so pop in now for a visit!


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