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Where to Find Art Supplies in Dubai

One of the difficulties about moving to Dubai is trying to find the things you took for granted back home. Knitting wool was a big one. It took me a fair while to locate anything resembling real wool here in the desert. Art supplies were another stumbling block. Sure, you can pick up cheap bits and […]


Scamp – for Pet Owners and Animal Lovers

I love kitties. I can’t have one, though. My husband is allergic. Keeping both a fluffy cat and an allergic husband in an apartment with no opening windows seems a little cruel. In saying that, you probably don’t want opening windows (or a balcony) 58 floors up! So owning a pet is not on the […]


Book Reviews – Summer Edition

I’m an avid reader. I believe voracious is the term. If I am into a book, I can polish it off in a day or two. The title of this blog is a bit of a misnomer, considering I’m not really working. But I have spent a lot of my time recently reading, and seem […]


Furnish your place in Dubai without blowing your budget

Dubai is expensive. Ask anyone you know that lives here, and I am sure they will agree. For that reason, many people ship their furniture from home rather than buying furniture here. We didn’t do this. We decided we would furnish our place from scratch, bringing about 13 boxes of with us from New Zealand, […]


Drawdeck Art Prints

I struggled to find any cool, modern prints to hang in my apartment when I moved to Dubai. I really wish I had found Drawdeck earlier. It kept popping up in my Facebook feed (the targeted advertising is working, guys!). I decided to take a look at what it had to offer. Drawdeck is an […]


Enable UAE

I don’t have much of a green thumb. When we moved to Dubai, Matt wanted to buy several house plants. I haven’t had a great experience with plants in the past. My last plant was acquired in a pub quiz, an unwanted prize that was left behind. I consistently forgot to water the plant, and […]


Living Nature – NZ Skincare

Living in Dubai has opened up a world of new possibilities in terms of health and beauty. It seems to be a huge industry here – beauty blogging is big business, and getting plastic surgery is widely accepted. However, finding organic beauty and skin products is a little more difficult. That is why I was […]

Dubai Love

Dubai Love

When I first arrived in Dubai, all I wanted was some art to brighten up our walls. Sure, I’d brought some prints and paintings from home, but it would be nice to find something with a local flavor. Easy, right? Not so quickly! I did a quick google for local prints and pictures, but was […]


Create Your Own Watercolor Map Art

I like painting. I’m not a great painter, or even a good painter. But, under the right circumstances, I find painting very therapeutic. Most of all, I love being able to give people my ‘art’ – even if it is pretty simple. There is nothing lovelier than seeing something you have made hanging in the […]

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