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Sunrise Horse Ride at Al Sahra Desert Resort

If there is one thing I know about Dubai, it is that people here fancy their horses. Horses hold a very special place in the hearts of people in the Middle East. I had been for a sunrise ride the last time I visited Dubai before moving here, but wanted to find somewhere a bit […]


A day in London

I love London. It seems about as far from Dubai as you can get. Beautiful old buildings and architecture, quaint little shops, alleyways and side streets you can get lost on. My first escape from the desert, for my visa run, was to London. I enjoyed it thoroughly. If you have a day in London […]


Enable UAE

I don’t have much of a green thumb. When we moved to Dubai, Matt wanted to buy several house plants. I haven’t had a great experience with plants in the past. My last plant was acquired in a pub quiz, an unwanted prize that was left behind. I consistently forgot to water the plant, and […]


Living Nature – NZ Skincare

Living in Dubai has opened up a world of new possibilities in terms of health and beauty. It seems to be a huge industry here – beauty blogging is big business, and getting plastic surgery is widely accepted. However, finding organic beauty and skin products is a little more difficult. That is why I was […]

Green Planet

The Green Planet Dubai

Back in New Zealand, the temperature in summer didn’t often exceed 25 degrees celsius. Moving to Dubai has been a shock to the system. Some days, you just need an escape from the summers heat. Ironically, we chose to escape the summer heat by entering the Green Planet – a rainforest bio-dome – at a […]


Thoughts of Home – Wellington, New Zealand

I’m scheduling this to post while I am on a flight from Dubai to Moscow. Flights always make think of home, so prior to my flight, I decided I would google promotional videos of Wellington, New Zealand. I’ve seen so many Dubai promotion videos since I’ve been here… I think I’ve nearly memorized the one […]


The Ajman Saray

Since moving to Dubai, I’ve been introduced to the idea of a staycation. We decided on embark one of these staycations, visiting the Ajman Saray for a short break during Ramadan. In New Zealand, you would never really think of staying anywhere near your city for a day or two, or a long weekend. I […]

Detail of camel's head in the desert with funny expresion

Nouq Camel Milk Products

Of all the different food I have tried since moving to Dubai, I did not expect to take such a shining to Nouq camel milk ice cream. Not being able to tolerate much lactose, camel’s milk is a bit of a saviour for me. It doesn’t have as higher levels of lactose as cow’s milk, […]


Craft Cafe, Dubai Design District

One of the best things about moving to a new country (or city) is the opportunity to try lots of new things. Back in Wellington, the best we could have hoped for was a new cafe or restaurant opening, or a new exhibition or show. It was still always good – and we made the […]

Dubai Love

Dubai Love

When I first arrived in Dubai, all I wanted was some art to brighten up our walls. Sure, I’d brought some prints and paintings from home, but it would be nice to find something with a local flavor. Easy, right? Not so quickly! I did a quick google for local prints and pictures, but was […]

The 58th Floor
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