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    Four days in Warsaw – Day One

    Warsaw was certainly a city of surprises. I decided to visit at the last-minute, after realising that I could get to Greece, but couldn’t get back to Dubai. Oh dear. There…

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    48 hours in Bruges

    I like history. The places I have enjoyed traveling to the most have always been places with lots of interesting history. Earlier this year, I visited Bruges for a few days,…

  • Featured Musings Travel

    A reflection on travel

    I was always a bit of a homebody growing up. I remember sleepovers at friends houses ending in tears, me waiting for mum to come and pick me up, because I’d…

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    Three days in Mauritius

    Mauritius is beautiful. A year ago, if you’d asked me what I knew about Mauritius, I would have said the truth… very little. I knew it was in the middle of…

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    48 hours in Ajman

    Since moving to Dubai, I’ve been introduced to the idea of a staycation.  In New Zealand, you would never really think of staying anywhere near your city for a day or…

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    24 hours in Beijing

    Beijing is busy.  I know, that seems like an overwhelmingly obvious statement to make. It is a city of 22 million people, nearly five times the population of New Zealand. I’ve…