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Azores Hike1

Hike the Azores – Quatro fábricas da Luz

The moment we landed on the island of São Miguel, I knew we were going to love it. There is something about islands that I really enjoy. Maybe it’s the easygoing nature of island life, or the fact that nobody really seems to care what you wear or do. Whatever it is, I love spending […]


Climb the Rock of Gibraltar

Okay, so the title of this post is a bit misleading. I didn’t actually climb the Rock of Gibraltar. Instead, I took the cable car up, and walked down. But ‘Cable Car the Rock of Gibraltar’ doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? I was in Gibraltar in late May for a quick […]

Bura 2

Guest Post: The Infamous Bura Wind

This guest post is brought to you by 45 Degrees Sailing, a sailing business based in Split, Croatia and run by two New Zealanders, Nick and Mahina Hathaway. Visit their website at for more information, video logs or to book a trip! Back home in New Zealand, we call wind by the direction that […]


Driving the Golden Circle, Iceland

If you go to Iceland, you have to traverse the Golden Circle. It is one of those tourist routes that, while busy, is a must-do. It is around 300kms and takes a day to drive, if you don’t spend too long at each site. You could easily take longer, particularly if you wanted to fit […]

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