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Product Round Up Two – The Copper Edition

Another product round up! This one covers a few more bases… things for him, her, the house and the kids!  I plan on doing a Christmas special soon, listing a few ideas for items that can be easily posted…


Suzette of Freshly Foraged

For a little while now, I’ve meant to write about some of the interesting people I know – people all over the world doing some pretty exciting things. I’ve decided to start with Suzette of Freshly Foraged. She isn’t…


Reform Social and Grill

Sometimes in Dubai, you just want to see a little bit of greenery. No, I don’t mean those sad little patches of grass that have sprung up next to lots of the metro stations. I mean some real grass,…

We Love

Clare Napper’s Highlife Prints and Products

What is the point of being an ex-pat in Dubai if you can’t laugh at yourself a little? I’ve spent a fair bit of time overseas recently, and it does help you focus on the quirky aspects of life…


How I spent my summer vacation

I’m an avid reader. I believe voracious is the term. If I am into a book, I can polish it off in a day or two. The title of this blog is a bit of a misnomer, considering I’m…

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Three days in Mauritius

Mauritius is beautiful. A year ago, if you’d asked me what I knew about Mauritius, I would have said the truth… very little. I knew it was in the middle of an ocean. Using a process of elimination, I…