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  • Eat

    Tasty Noods

    It’s not quite what you think. I love Japanese food. It is my favourite type of cuisine. I have very, very simple tastes. While I’ve found a few lovely Japanese restaurants…

  • How to

    Rent an Ekar

    We haven’t bought a car yet. Though our handy location between Business Bay and Downtown Dubai means we can get around easily, occasionally, it’s easier to have your own set of…

  • How to

    Apply for your Emirates ID card

    Arriving in Dubai can be stressful. You’ve probably travelled a long way, you don’t know many people, and you aren’t sure who to ask for help. Once you have your visa…

  • How to

    Find art supplies in Dubai

    One of the difficulties about moving to Dubai is trying to find the things you took for granted back home. Knitting wool was a big one. It took me a fair…

  • How to

    Watercolour paintings

    I like painting. I’m not a great painter, or even a good painter. But, under the right circumstances, I find painting very therapeutic. Most of all, I love being able to…