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Scamp – for pet owners and animal lovers

I love kitties. I can’t have one, though. My husband is allergic. Keeping both a fluffy cat and an allergic husband in an apartment with no opening windows seems a little cruel. In saying that, you probably don’t want opening windows (or a balcony) 58 floors up! So owning a pet is not on the cards. However, I can still love Scamp, a concept store for animal lovers. 

One of the things I find hard about Dubai is locating nice gifts for people. Most things here are mass-produced, chain store items, and they feel a bit… well… cold. The products on offer at Scamp are the sorts of quirky gifts that are great to give and receive – something a bit different. Rhino trivet? Cat tote bag? Tiger window decals? Felted rabbit planter? Stylish kitty house? Sarcastic dog tags? Scamp has got it for you.

Set up by two local animal lovers and graphic designers, Scamp searches far and wide to find unique, innovative and interesting pet accessories and homewares. It offers products that are more interesting than most on offer on Dubai, and they have a great range of pet beds. Want your kitty to sleep in a whale? Scamp has you covered

Om nom nom. Photo credit: The Cat Ball

Scamp also sell PyroPets, which I love. I’m actually too scared to light a candle in my apartment. Who would want to be responsible for evacuating 58 floors? But these geometric candles are stylish enough to hold their own without being lit. Besides, if you have better ventilation than I do, you can always choose to light them and watch them melt, and enjoy their spooky metal skeleton insides. Very appealing. 

While there are a limited number of items available in the Scamp Urban Majlis online store, you can also find Scamp out and about around Dubai. They are currently selling their wares at the BeYouLand pop-up store at CityWalk Dubai, open from 10am every day during July. Keep an eye on their Instagram page to find out where you can buy their lovely animal-related goodies next!

Photo credit: Scamp Facebook Page

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