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Living in Dubai has opened up a world of new possibilities in terms of health and beauty. It seems to be a huge industry here – beauty blogging is big business, and getting plastic surgery is widely accepted. However, finding organic beauty and skin products is a little more difficult. That is why I was recently very pleased to find that Balmessence, a local company based in the Dubai Design District, import Living Nature products from New Zealand.

Living Nature creates cruelty free, 100% natural and organic makeup, skin and beauty products. Founded in 1987 and based in Kerikeri, New Zealand, Living Nature only uses 100% natural ingredients, preservatives and fragrances. More than 80% of New Zealand’s native plants are indigenous and many have remarkable bioactive properties, many of which have been utilised in Living Nature products.

Living Nature
Photo credit: The Naturalista.

I’ve used their skincare range back in New Zealand, and it is fabulous. I have quite bad skin, and I find it is very sensitive to products that are fragranced or coloured in any way. Being 100% natural, I’ve never had an issue with Living Nature. The products are light on your skin and are perfect under makeup – particularly their own brand of makeup, given they are designed to work together. My favourite product is the Extra Hydrating Toning Gel. I personally hate using toner, and this is one of the few toners that doesn’t make my face red and sore! I’ve also heard great things about their Radiance Night Oil, containing rosehip and calendula.

Living Nature also make beautiful makeup, particularly their creamy and hydrating lipsticks. I’m too lazy to wear much makeup, but I love their Natural Tinted Lip Hydrator. It is much like Elizabeth Arden’s tinted Eight Hour Cream, but much kinder on your lips (and the environment!).

Balmessence are the exclusive distributor of Living Nature products in Dubai. They are currently having a fantastic sale – you can grab the Extra Hydrating Toning Gel I mentioned earlier for just 93.60AED at the moment – bargain!. They also have a range of other Living Nature products on special. If you are looking for high quality, natural skincare and makeup, you won’t do much better.

Living Nature


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