Jones the Grocer

Jones the Grocer should be nothing special. It is just another chain of cafés, one of many in a city full of eateries. There is even one in New Zealand, although I have admittedly never visited it. But what it does, it does very well.

We visited Jones the Grocer during Ramadan. It was one of the few cafés near our house actually serving lunch. While we had a slight wait for a seat, we were able to relax in the lobby of the Dusit Thani. Once seated, it was clear why the café is so popular. It has a fantastic range of food at good prices, and responsive and friendly wait staff.

My husband had the traditional English breakfast, while I opted for my typical eggs on toast and bacon. However, I did try out one of their Ramadan smoothies – coconut milk and apricot – which was delicious. It is so nice to find a coconut milk smoothie that doesn’t have chocolate, and is therefore dairy free. In saying that, there were actually a few different dairy free and vegan options on the menu. There is also a range of café style cabinet food available, all of it well priced and very tasty looking.

As well as selling fresh food, Jones the Grocer also sells packaged products and foods, a number of which are from Australia. Since opening at the Dusit Thani in 2016, the café has experienced a strong following in Dubai. It also offers 24 hour service, alcohol and take-out delivery… just a few more reasons why it might be popular with the ex-pat crowd!

I’m also pleased to note that Jones the Grocer Express has opened an outlet at Terminal 3, Dubai International Airport. If you just can’t bear the thought of dried out airline food, grab some of the single origin, home-made goodies available at their store before boarding. I am sure you will be in for a far more pleasant flight!

Okay, so it isn’t going to win any awards for food innovation. But for a comfortable and friendly café atmosphere, where you can experience some indulgences of down under, it’s really very good. It’s a licensed venue and offers a walk-in cheese room. What more could you ask for?

Jones the Grocer – Dusit Thani

Where: Dusit Thani Hotel, 133 Sheikh Zayed Road, DIFC.

Opening hours: 24 hours! Your late night eating destination…

Delivery: Yes, through Deliveroo.

Platinum discount? Yes, 25%.

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