Guest Post: Packing Tips for Your Croatian Sailing Holiday!


This guest post is brought to you by 45 Degrees Sailing, a sailing business based in Split, Croatia and run by two New Zealanders, Nick and Mahina Hathaway. Visit their website at for more information, video logs or to book a trip!

Packing for a holiday is always a mission and a half. Going to a new place means that, no matter how much research you do, you can only ever make an educated guess at what the weather will be like. And how many changes of clothes can you take whilst still having enough room to bring back shopping and souvenirs?!

Preparing what to bring for your sailing holiday here in Croatia is no different. And there are a few tips and tricks that we can offer you to help make sure that you pack the right things.

  • Don’t forget, you will likely be in your swimmers for at least 70% of your sailing holiday! So bring a few different pairs. Mix and match. Think about whether you can match them with t-shirts, shorts and dresses to take them from the ocean to konoba (small Croatian restaurants). Multi-purpose is your friend when packing for a sailing holiday!
  • We recommend bringing a pair of jandals (our Kiwi name for flip-flops) and a pair of closed-in comfortable pair of trainers/sneakers. We are pro bare-feet when on board the boat, but the jandals sure come in handy for when on land, for using marina showers and are perfectly acceptable for wearing out for dinner. And the sneakers are awesome for an early morning hike up to the church in Okuklje, Mljet, if you’re into that kind of thing!
  • We recommend at least four or five changes of clothes. Despite the influx of tourists in summer, Croatia is still very much an Orthodox Christian society and there are often clothing guidelines for areas in the vicinity of churches, monasteries, and villages in general.  As we do not have any laundry facilities on board, we recommend that you have plenty of changes of clothes to last you throughout the week. And that includes underwear!
  • All of the boats that we charter have AC power that we connect to most nights, so you can charge all of your devices overnight each night. But only if you have the right adaptor! Make sure you know what the power plugs look like here in Croatia (including on the boats!) to help ensure you buy the correct adaptor.
  • Sun protection is a must on a sailing holiday! We do not have sunscreen on board for guest use, so we highly recommend that you bring your own. Sunhat’s and kaftans are also awesome sun protection, as you will be spending A LOT of time in the sun during your holiday! Don’t forget after-sun care too. It’s so easy to get too much sun and nothing kills a wonderful evening like sun-stroke.

We also have a few handy recommended extras that aren’t strictly necessary but might just help to make your holiday a little more relaxed. Every little bit helps!
Packing Tips for Your Croatian Sailing Holiday


Packing Tips for Your Croatian Sailing HolidayA travel towel. We do provide towels on board the boat, and if you’re anything like me, it’s just nice to have a back up. A microfibre travel towel is certainly not a necessity and is able to be packed into a very small space so can be a very compact addition to your luggage.

Packing Tips for Your Croatian Sailing HolidayZip-lock plastic bags. Clear and small, zip-lock bags are a great trick to keep your valuables safe and dry, and to minimise exposure to salt. Given the amount of time that you will spend out on the water, they are a cheap solution to stop stressing about getting your devices damaged.

Packing Tips for Your Croatian Sailing HolidayA soft case/bag is much easier to tuck away during your time on board and takes up much less space than a hard shell suitcase.

Packing Tips for Your Croatian Sailing HolidayCash is king here on the Dalmatian islands and having a good stash of kuna in your wallet early on in the trip will make things much easier! For more information on how much kuna to bring and how much stuff costs on the islands, stay tuned for a blog post all about it!

If there is anything that you are worried about availability of here in the Dalmatian islands, please flick us a message and we would be more than happy to discuss it with you.


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Nick and Mahina are the husband and wife team behind 45 Degrees Sailing. The company is named for their love of heeling and sailing hard into the winds of Wellington down in the low latitudes of the southern hemisphere in New Zealand. 45 Degrees Sailing are proud to offer comfortable sailing holidays here in Croatia that are about two things: sailing and Croatia! We want to introduce you to real Croatian experiences, people and gastronomy. Being passionate about what we do is important, we have had the incredible luxury of being able to CHOOSE the best place to introduce you to this life of sun, water and amazing cultural experience. We chose Croatia for a reason. And we love sharing this incredible country with others. Visit for more information!

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