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I am mourning the loss of dairy.

I’ve always tried to eat very little dairy, but I still let myself indulge in a little bit of cheese now and then. What is life without cheese? As I have found out, rather boring. My doctor has recommended that I have no dairy at all – sad face. Luckily, I have found Freedom Pizza, who offer create your own pizzas with dairy free cheese, and vegan desserts. 

Photo credit: TripAdvisor.

You might be a little bit skeptical about the prospect of vegan cheese. When we opened up the pizza box, my husband questioned whether I’d requested a pizza with pineapple. Once I’d overcome the slight lack of visual appeal, the pizza was delicious. When you are living in the city of takeout, with about 200 different options to choose from, its a bit of a downer when you can only order from about five of them. I was thrilled to find somewhere that makes healthy, quality pizza, that doesn’t cost the earth, and can cater to my delightful dietary requirements (most specifically… my need to be dairy free!).

Photo credit: Freedom Pizza.

On top of this, the vegan dessert – strawberry cashew cheesecake with a almond base – was amazing. You couldn’t even tell it was dairy free, which to me is the height of its appeal. After a little bit of research, I discovered that Freedom Pizza takes pride in using fresh ingredients, and through an agreement with Greenheart Organic Farms sources almost all of its produce locally. Their delicious dairy-free desserts come from Coco Yogo, and – in a heartening change from a lot of businesses here – seem to really care about their staff.

Freedom Pizza has five outlets in Dubai, and you can also get their delicious pizzas at Vox Cinemas at Mall of the Emirates, and Deira City Centre. You can order direct from them using their brand new app – if you download it now, you can get one small signature pizza free with your first order. Pizzas start from around 30AED in price, and desserts are around 28AED and up.

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