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What is the point of being an ex-pat in Dubai if you can’t laugh at yourself a little? Clare Nappers Highlife range gives you a fantastic opportunity to do just that.

I’ve spent a fair bit of time overseas recently, and it does help you focus on the quirky aspects of life in Dubai. How safe it is. How many people have maids. How easy it is to get something delivered to your house at 1am. Ladies night. The fact that brunch has an entirely different connotation here.

I’d seen Clare Napper’s Highlife range in a few places around the UAE, particularly at the winter Ripe Markets at Zabeel Park and Virgin Megastores. I hadn’t really paid too much attention, until I saw the following print.

Highlife Series
This is creepily accurate. Photo credit: Highlife Dubai

I had a few questions about it. Mainly, why was I in it? Had I posed for this print without realising? The messy hair. The crummy pants. The main difference is that I wear reindeer slippers, and not elmo ones. I’d definitely wear elmo slippers though, if I could get them on sale. And I will admit that my first home delivery was a packet of Malteasers, just to see if the rumors were true. Getting candy delivered to the door. We are truly living the dream.

The Highlife range is inspired by vintage travel posters, which I happen to love, and perfectly illustrate the ‘good life’ that many (mainly Western) expats get to experience in Dubai. As well as my beloved home delivery print, the range features a range of other tongue-in-cheek designs, poking fun at a range of Dubai ex-pat institutions and experiences… the nannies, the Friday brunch, ladies night and UAE road trips, to name a few. The Highlife illustrations are available as prints (framed and unframed), and stretch canvas, in sizes A5 – A0. You can also get a number of the prints in magnet, journal, postcard and stationery form. There is even an Abu Dhabi series, for our near neighbors.

Photo credit: Highlife Dubai

You can buy Highlife products at Gallery One, Virgin Megastores and the various Alserkal Foundation shops throughout Dubai – I’ve spotted them in the Alserkal Al Fahidi store. You can also order directly from the Highlife website… and get it delivered to your door, of course. The website currently has a Summer Sale of 30-50% off a range of posters and canvas prints, so now if the perfect time to buy a print which exemplifies your ex-pat experience!

Photo credit: Whats On Dubai

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