Brothaus Bakery at the Steigenberger Hotel


Before I wrote my spa review the other day, I had no idea that Platinum card holders now get a discount at the Brothaus Bakery-Bistro at the Steigenberger Hotel. This was news to me! Although Matt has been to the Backyard and Swim and Tonic, I’d never tried any of the bars or restaurants at the Steigenberger. I was pleasantly surprised!


The decor of this German themed bakery/bistro is pretty funky, and we managed to nab a table right near the window. In winter, it looks like it would be lovely to sit outside under the fans. However, given the ‘feels like 49 degrees’ temperature outside today, we gave it a miss. Instead, we enjoyed the greenery snaking its way up the wall, planted in mason jars. Any sight of greenery in Dubai, and I’m likely to gravitate towards it.

The service was quick and friendly. If you’ve read my profile on this website, you’ll see that I’m no food blogger. I have allergies to a bunch of things. I don’t like crazy, exotic food. When I do find something I like, it’s definitely not going to be a classy dish – I buy food for comfort, not style. While I normally eat relatively healthily, I cannot resist a few temptations. When I saw there was currywurst on the menu at the Brothaus, I was stoked. It is the ultimate comfort food. Matt ordered the eggs benedict three ways, and we were treated to some complimentary brown German bed and sun-dried tomato tapenade to start – yum. We took advantage of the unlimited iced tea, lemonade and flavoured water offer – only 30AED per person, which is great value.


We didn’t wait long for our mains to come out, and they were delicious. I didn’t take a photo of mine – lets face it, who wants to see fries, onion rings and sausages doused in tomato and curry sauce? But they did taste very good, and looked about as presentable as I’ve ever seen a currywurst! Matt’s eggs benedict three ways was much more worthy of a photo. The mains were well priced at 65 and 55AED, and of a reasonable size.

When we have first wandered in, I saw a large choice of cakes, cheesecakes and other baked treats in the cabinet. They looked amazing. Matt and I decided to share a piece, and we were glad we decided to share it. Our slice of lotus biscuit cake was HUGE. It tasted delicious, but I definitely couldn’t have gotten through a piece of my own! There was also a pretty interesting looking rainbow cake in the cabinet. If you want to sample some healthier fare, there is also a range of salads available to buy.

The menu was really impressive – a huge range of goods on offer, including all day breakfast. I’ve found that quite a few places in Dubai stop serving breakfast or egg items after 12pm on a weekday, which is no good if you want a late brunch. They also craft a wide range of baked goods and cakes for takeaway. I had to restrain myself not to order a whole Nutella cake to take home. The menu features a few different German treats too, something you don’t tend to find much in Dubai.

With our Platinum discount, our bill came to around 150AED – which was really good, considering we both tried a number of the drinks on offer. For a casual, relaxed brunch or lunch – or a delicious two for one schnitzel dinner on Wednesday – I’d highly recommend checking out Brothaus. If you don’t have a Platinum card, don’t fear – there are still a huge range of specials for other guests, including a coffee/tea and bakery treat for just 20AED (7.30am-11.30am), a 50AED business lunch and a Tuesday night German buffet and bretzel making contest. I love those things… yum! You can also order a select number of items via Deliveroo.

Brothaus Bakery-Bistro at the Steigenberger Hotel

Where: Steigenberger Hotel Al Abraj Street, Business Bay.

Opening hours: Saturday to Wednesday – 7.30am to 11pm. Thursday – Friday – 7.30am to 12am.

Delivery: Yes, through Deliveroo.

Platinum discount? Yes, 25%.


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