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Apply for your Emirates ID card

Arriving in Dubai can be stressful. You’ve probably travelled a long way, you don’t know many people, and you aren’t sure who to ask for help. Once you have your visa – or your spouses visa – one of the first things you will need to do is apply for an Emirates ID. But what is an Emirates ID, you might ask?

The Emirates ID is a resident’s identification card. It is important that you apply for this as soon as possible after acquiring your visa. An Emirates ID is mandatory for everyone residing in the UAE, including ex-pats. You really should carry your Emirates ID with you at all times. Once registered, it can also be used for nifty things like quicker passport control at Dubai International Airport, and for some people, as a health insurance card. 


As noted above, it is really important you sort it out as soon as possible! There is a potential you will be fined if you don’t get an Emirates ID. 

To submit your application for an ID card you can either visit an accredited Typing Center, or visit You then need to visit an Emirates Identity Authority Centre (EIAC) to complete the application process.

There are three steps to obtaining a new Emirates ID card:

Step 1: Apply for your card.

  • Complete the online application form or to visit an accredited Typing Center to apply for the service.
  • Pay the ID card fees in full when submitting the application.

Step 2: Capture biometrics.

To confirm your biometrics, you will need to visit an EIAC. An appointment isn’t required. You are responsible for providing the EIAC with the required documents (listed below). Emirates ID representatives at the center will capture your biometric data (fingerprints and picture). Once you’ve visited the centre, you will be notified of your enrollment via SMS.

Step 3: Collect your card.

You will receive an SMS from Emirates Identity Authority stating your card has been processed, and then an SMS from Emirates Post once the card is ready for pickup. You can then collect your ID card from the specified post office. Make sure to take along your phone with the SMS, and an alternative form of ID!


Expatriates require the following documents to apply for an Emirates ID:

  • Completed application form (available online or at any accredited Typing Center)
  • Original valid passport and copy
  • Original valid entry visa and copy

Once all requirements are met, and your supporting documents are complete, you will receive your ID card within ten working days. Expatriates ID cards will not be issued until their residency visa has been processed and issued…. so make sure you do this in the right order!

As of August 2017, the fee is AED 100 for each year of residence (according to your visa), and 70AED for typing/service (applicable to all applications). These prices are subject to change, so it’s best to always ring the EIA to double check the fees before you go in.

Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it? If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 

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