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Quick 8 Café and Restaurant Reviews

As I haven’t had much time to write lately, I’ve got a bit of a backlog of food and dining reviews to get through! Below are some quick thoughts on the places I have visited lately, most of which offer an Emirates Platinum discount. 

Maison Mathis, Arabian Ranches. Beautifully decorated for Christmas, this spot offers a hearty Belgian style breakfast. The views over the golf course are very nice, and while it’s suited to families, it isn’t as noisy as Reform. My only comment would be… why serve the eggs with brioche? They had delicious sour dough available for free on the table… that would be much nicer with a savoury meal. I’m not a fan of sugar bread! Emirates Platinum holders receive a 25% discount.

Motomatchi, La Mer. We visited the first week this new branch of Motomachi opened. Things were a little bit chaotic, but the food was as delicious as ever – plentiful and well priced. The setting is great, overlooking the beach, and its located near an entrance to the car park (if you don’t want to walk far). Emirates Platinum holders receive a 30% discount.

The Sum of Us, Sheraton Hotel. This one didn’t quite live up to expectations! Living in Dubai, I think we get a little bit used to good service. The Sum of Us just didn’t cut it for me. While the setting was great and the restaurant lively, I’m not a fan of high tables, and it took us awhile to get someone’s attention. Everything on the menu was just a little bit hipster, like it was trying a bit hard. I ordered a salad with bacon, and no bacon arrived… we flagged down a waiter to find they had run out. I wouldn’t rush back. Emirates Platinum holders receive a 15% discount. Valet parking is complimentary.

Meat ‘N Fish, Box Park. A surprise hit! We visited Box Park because it always seems to be quiet, and it’s easy to get a park. This restaurant, which fuses Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, offered delicious kebabs, breads and dips. Our calamari starter was very tasty, even if it was a little more tentacle-y than expected! We will definitely be back. Emirates Platinum holders receive a 25% discount. 

Aseelah, Radisson Blu Deira. This restaurant offers traditional and fusion/modern Emirati food. While I was a little disappointed that Luqaimat didn’t make an appearance on the menu, my camel sliders were delicious. One of our diners ordered the lobster and was pretty pleased with it! They were generous with complimentary starters and bread, and the service was attentive. Emirates Platinum holders receive a 30% discount, including alcohol. Valet parking is complimentary.

Mitts and Trays, City Walk. While we only enjoyed some afternoon tea and truffle fries at this cafe, these were delicious and well priced. The setting in City Walk is very quiet, and the menu itself offers slightly more sophisticated fare than some of the other cafes in the area. Go and enjoy a long afternoon tea, and make sure you check out the magic chocolate machine just around the corner. 

Minato, Radisson Blu Deira.  We have been to Minato a few times now. It is an all you can eat Japanese buffet, and its fantastic. For 100AED, Emirates Platinum cardholders can gorge on sushi, ramen, stir-fry cooked to order, karaage and tempura vegetables. It also has a delicious choice of desserts. For an extra 100AED, you can get an all you can drink package, although the choices are a little limited. Emirates Platinum holders receive a 30% discount. Valet parking is complimentary.

Le Café, Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi. We called in for a quick visit to Le Cafe last time we were in Abu Dhabi. Yes, it’s overpriced. Yes, it’s a wee bit tacky. However, the food is actually really, really good. Unlike the Burj Al Arab, you don’t have to pay to enter, and the parking is free. We enjoyed some lovely cocktails and a plate of scones, complete with tasty creams, jams and berries. We actually ordered three plates, but were kindly advised by our waiter that would result in 12 scones, which we appreciated! Those things are delicious though, and we still ended up with two plates of them. Go try them. Just once. It’s worth it! Valet parking is complimentary.


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