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    Product Round Up Two – The Copper Edition

    Another product round up! This one covers a few more bases… things for him, her, the house and the kids! 

    I plan on doing a Christmas special soon, listing a few ideas for items that can be easily posted (aka light and small!). I’ll have that up early next month.

    In the meantime… enjoy my finds, and I hope there is something here that takes your fancy x

    1. Mr. Fox Rug, 922AED. Amara.
    2. Ted Baker Button Earrings, 108AED. Amara.
    3. Lino Camel Mug, 69AED. GalleryOne. 
    4. Bling Finn Bag, 400AED. Richmond.
    5. Glass Vase, 385AED. Blanc D’Ivoire.
    6. Music of Burj Khalifa Print, 120AED. Yislamoo.
    7. Poetry Rug, 350AED. Zayan the Label.
    8. Bellroy Micro Sleeve Wallet, 239AED. Modvito.
    9. Rhino Chunky Puzzle, 140AED. Marmarland.
    10. Serving Set, 135AED. Nass.
    11. MeriMeri Knitted Cat Cushion, 235AED. Party Camel.
    12. Pyramid Glass Planter, 69AED. ACE Hardware.
    13. Moroccan Leather Pouf, 553AED. The People of Sand.


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